• Tablefield Grocery Order Form

    Fill out this form, whether you are new and wish to start service or an existing customer who wants to change their delivery frequency, add or remove products to their scheduled deliveries.
  • Please use cell phone capable of receiving texts.


  • Home Delivery: There is a $3.00 service charge for home delivery service, unless you host a pick up location, and purchases of alcohol requires home delivery.

    Pick UP: You pick up the products from an assigned location. Simple choose no home delivery for the pick up option and choose from one of our options listed below.

    Text Notifications: the morning of your delivery, you receive a text with an estimated time of arrival. There is also a link, whereby you can track the driver's progress. If you live in an area that does not have a porch or such to drop off on, please be ready to receive your products when the driver arrives.

  • Delivery Details

    If you are participating in a pick up location, please enter the name of the person who hosts that location as the street address. IF you are interested in hosting a pick up location, please call your area's market captain to discuss the details.



    These are the items that will be delivered according to the frequency of your subscription preference: weekly or bi-monthly.

    The organic veg produce box is our flagship product and it is required for any other Add On purchases.

    • Each 10 lb produce box is $35.00

    • As the season changes, what is in the box changes. We cannot control what goes into the box.
    • The boxes present interesting challenges for cooks suppying you with things that maybe you have never used. IF you have really picky eaters in your house, this is probably not the service for you.
    • When the weather doesn't cooperate, our farmers will secure organic produce from out of state to provide more variety. This is not ideal for anyone, however, we only expect to see this during the early spring and winter.
  • Subscription Add-Ons

    Items that you receive with the frequency your produce delivery. IF you get a produce box once a week then you will get the items that you choose below with your produce box. IF you selected bi-monthly, you will receive the items every other week.

  • Dried Beans and Gluten Free Grains $8.50

    You receive one lb. of each, two pounds total, that you use to create balanced plant based meals for your family.

    • According to our research, each pound yields 10, 1/2 cup servings.
    • Whenever possible, we will be ordering organic/non-GMO products. Sometimes, however, these are hard to source and traditional commodity products will be substituted.
    • Examples could include: coarse cornmeal for polenta, white rice, quinoa, millet, beans: black, pinto, garbonzo or legumes: lentils, split peas etc.
    • We are proud that this add on is 15% less than some competitors
  • Large Rustic County White Bread $9

    Baked the night before your delivery by "A Friendly Bread" to lift the spirit when it arrives. The owner, Lane, is a friend of Chef Paul, who calls his loaves the best in the area noting that it feeds the soul as well as the body. A terrific Old World Style bread where you will not want to waste one bit. Terrific for french toast, croutons, Italian Bread Salad or Bruschetta. It freezes very well.


    From Andy's Eggs in Baltimore County. Eggs are a great way to use your vegetables by making a quiche, frittata or hash. Start your day with a nice cup of coffee, slice of sourdough toast, some sauteed veggies and a nice egg finished with olive oil.

  • Monthly Add-Ons

    Since these are items that you might not need weekly or bi-monthly, they are offered as being delivered monthly. IF you choose 1 olive oil, then you will get one olive oil per month either on the first or last delivery of the month depending how the days of a month fall.

  • Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, 1L, $10

    Nothing helps you turn veggies into delicious family meals more than a good all purpose EVOO. Made with olives from Italy and Greece. Flavor wise it is smooth with slight peppery finish. Each bottle contains 67 one tablsespoon servings.

  • Locally Roasted Free Trade Organic Peruvian Coffee, 12 oz, Whole Bean, Medium Roast $14

    A great woman owned business, Dear Globe Coffee of Mt. Vernon, roasts this to order for Tablefield. Start your day off with a great cup of coffee. This becomes a standing order and is delivered monthly. Notes of Chocolate, Toffee, Caramel. A low acidity smooth rounded bodied coffee for our enjoyement.

  • Pipe Dream Goat Cheese

    We are on a mission to help save goats, no really. Brad the owner of Pipe Dream Goat Cheese spent a lifetime marketing to local area restaurants and now the pandemic has been disasterous to his business, so much so, that he is having trouble feeding his flock of cute little goats.

    Our support means that his business will be able to continue.

    • The fresh Chevre is great on slices of our bread that is toasted or added to egg or just about anything, really it is so good. It also freezes really well, so feel free to get a few tubs and thaw as needed.
    • The ash aged log is to die for, terrific as a topping for pasta or just with crackers and a good glass of wine.
  • High Noon Sweet Italian Sausage

    A locally crafted sweet Italian Sausage with fennel seeds made from locally sourced pork. Perfect on the grill or mixed with sauteed vegetables and offered with pasta and the ash glazed goat cheese....YUM!

  • One shot items

    These are larger ticket items that you order once and do not sent again unless you re-order.

  • Seafood Box $100

    Each month the contents of the box will change and it provides 16 generous servings of seafood. Feeding a large family you can use the seafood as a componant of a grain bowl or in a pasta. Arriving wrapped in trays, that freeze well, supplying you with delicious and healthy protein options for the entire month. An example of a box:

    • 2 trays of Atlantic Salmon each containing 2 x 6oz portions
    • 2 trays of Rainbow Trout each containing 2 x 8oz portions
    • 2 trays of Sea Scallops each containing 2 x 4oz portions
    • 2 trays of local flounder fillets each containing 2 x 6oz portions
  • Steak Box $225

    Locally sourced pastured ranged grain finished beef, graded USDA Choice or higher, from JW Treuths. Indulge and grill a steak to enjoy all by itself, or, slice when partially thawed to stir fry. All items arrive fresh but packaged ready for your freezer. Chef Paul suggests reserving rendered fat, chill and use to make tamales, biscuts or short crusts for pot pies or empanadas....delish! Each box contains:

    • 4 x 8oz Fillets
    • 4 x 16oz Sirloin Steak
    • 4 x 14oz NY Strips
    • 4x 16oz. Ribeyes
    • 2x 1lb. ground beef
  • ADD ONs - Alcoholic Beverages/PLEASE READ!

    • We are working on conducting Zoom wine/beer tastings to give you something to do as we all limit our social interactions

    • We are working on providing a FREE, 4oz. organic mother of vinegar that you can use to make your own wine vinegars. Our bottles have been ordered and we are looking for an organic product that we want to champion.

    • Your selected choices are delivered in conjunction with your produce delivery frequency.

    • You must pre-order wine and beer, we cannot add on bottles improptu while we are making a delivery.

    • We cannot deliver to a pick up location and must do door to door delivery. This adds $3/delivery to your bill.

    • You must be present when we make the delivery, so we can confirm that you are of legal drinking age and not intoxicated.

    • The selections will change weekly, providing you with something to look forward. We will choose varietals and styles that suit the season best.

    • We are going to focus on smaller producers where VALUE is constantly part of the equation.

  • Payment & Recurring Credit Card Authorization

    Because this is a multifaceted delivery subscription, we are not able to have a checkout in this form. However, you will receive a request, or multiple requests if you get say weekly delivery and monthly delivery products for recurring billing from our partners at Square. For the meat boxes, you will receive a separate bill for that. You must complete payment and agree to recurring charges before delivery is made. Through Square you can cancel at any time.
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